Winter Panel Tracksuit SW-0037 - saimwear

Winter Panel Tracksuit SW-0037

Fabric detail:

Soft warm fleece stuff for winters.


It's very comfortable soft and warm fleece stuff.

2 different sizes available Medium or Large.

2 different colors available Red and Skin.



Upper Jacket Details:

  1. Medium:   Chest 19, Length 29.. Shoulder 17.. Sleeves 21
  2. Large:        Chest 20.5, Length 30.. Shoulder 18.. Sleeves 22


Sweat pant Details:

  1. Medium:   Waist 26 to 30.. Length 37 
  2. Large:        Waist 32 to 36.. Length 38



Order Confirmation:

You will receive confirmation call within 24 hours.

Delivery Time:

Parcel will be delivered within 2 to 4 working days after confirmation call in transparent packaging, you can see what inside the parcel without open the Packet.